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Dark Eyes

Days Of Cake And Ale

Be Mine

My Name Is Jerry

That's Not America

Learning Pain


Pink Void


Oh Lynn

Thanksgiving Prayer

The One Lie

Hello ... I'm John Havel. Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. I'm not a professional
musician, but often turn to music to express my thoughts. I'm sure I get more out of my songs
than the listener - but it's an enjoyable hobby. My mind is full of melodies and lyrics that I like putting
together. Being a "one man band", all instruments are composed and played mostly by myself.
I write most of the lyrics and sing them. I'm also the sound engineer, producer, and roadie.

Music has always been my passion - when other kids wanted to be doctors or lawyers,
I wanted to be a disc jockey. After the Beatles hit the scene I was totally hooked and learned
how to play the guitar. Here I am in my first band back in 1965:

(from left to right)

Todd Brooks, guitar

Ramy Geffen, drums

Jim Capecelatro, vocals

John Havel, guitar

Throughout high school we had band practice in the basement of my house in Utica on
Proctor Blvd. Great tunes and great times. Although band members came and went, the
best combination I recall being myself, Sam Asher (lead guitar), Tony Comito (drums),
and Joe Karwacki (bass). I'm proud to say I was in a band with Joe, because he's gone
on to make music his career in many ways.

Since those days I've never gone away from playing music - but it's been on the back
burner for awhile. Mostly, I just like writing songs. In the future I hope to assemble a
band and get more input (and talent) to improve the quality of the music. Until then,
I'll continue to throw some demo tunes on this site ... stay tuned.

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